Finnish Black Metal since 2009. “Does pure black metal have a purifying effect? Sometimes I think so. It makes me forget the daily shit and allows me to take a short trip into another dimension. Of course, there are some journeys that do not end in an outstanding experience, but what can go wrong if you have a Finnish tour guide? Satan says: not much. Rienaus do not mark an exception in this context.”Felix 1666 @ Metal Archives review
“Rienaus is raw second wave Black Metal with a typical sound and atmosphere for Finnish Black Metal. I also draw influences from old French bands like Torgeist and Mütiilation”
– Mavrofos 2017

Not the easiest task to start up day 2 at a festival around lunchtime. Still they did good and as usual, the metalheads delivered and a fair amount of them braved hangovers after a long first night (some with no sleep at all:)). 
Thought that a couple of the guys looked familiar:) The vocalist Mavrofos (Eetu Ikonen) and the bassplayer Lucifuge Rofocale also play in AZAZEL.
[Live clip below by Gronn Onland]

Collected notes:

– Current label: Kvlt
– Latest album: Luciferille Nov 2022
Interview April 2017
“Luciferille” review by Rauta