IKU-TURSO Finnish/Dutch black metal paganism, darkness & death since 2017.


They released the “Ikuinen Steelfest MMXXII Rehearsal” on a limited edt cassette (50 copies,no digital release) 12th of May 1922. A Few copies were given to the audience after the gig and band copies sold at the festival exclusively (according to Discogs. Kinda odd. And cool:)

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Iku-Turso is a mythological Finnish sea monster which appears in the Kalevala, the national epic of Karelia and Finlandh version here)
“We are the distant cold northwind that blows through a legacy of magical Nordic Black Metal – honest to our past, true to ourselves and in respect to the people contributing to the underground metal community.”
-Sovereign Korpituli 2020

Band: Sovereign – Lafawijn – Ruto – Anzillu – F.