Black metal from Colombia. Founded 1994 as “Dies Irae”, change of name to Utuk-Xul in 1997. So far a demo in -07, 5 full lengths, a bunch of splits and a compilation.

Can´t find som much info of these guys but there´s a link to an interview with Rauta somewhere below↓
Great gig, tho, and they had their fans for sure. Inferus Vobyscum had a great voice and the guitarist Nibras was one of the most photogenic ones at the festival.
The bassplayer made a LOT of promotion for “Utuk-Xul” coffee that was sold in the merch:))  Colombian coffee of course.


[Live clips by Gronn Onland,Tales From The Frontline,Infinite Chaos Promotions]


Collected notes & links:
– Latest release:  Ritual in the Full Moon Full-length 2022
– Label: Legion of Xul
– Band: Tophel Drums Inferus Vobyscum Vocals Siniestro Bass Nibras Guitars (2022-present)
Utuk-Xul – Colombian black metal madness at Steelfest 2023 [interview] (Rauta. Ofc:)) – The Goat Of The Black Possession