“Nattverd was initially started in the 90`s, but due to reasons beyond control, was delayed up until 2014.”
Great gig and the new album is really good! Would most definitely go & see live again. Quite a few Norwegian bands at Steelfest. All of them awesome!

Band: Ormr – Vocals Serpentr – Guitars Atyr – Guitars Sveinr – Bass Aven-Guitars Renton-Drums

[Live clip by Gronn Onland]

Collected notes:
– Latest release: “I helvetes forakt” May 2023
– Label: Soulseller Records
– The band played their first live gig at Revolver in Oslo on the 31st of march 2023. So that makes the Steelfest their second appearance ever?
Sveinr (bass) also played in with Gehenna and Nordjevel at the festival.
– Interview (Sveinr) @ Metalsucks
– Review “I helvetes forakt” by RAUTA