Black metal from the Steelfest town Hyvinkää since 2011. Loads of releases since then so the guys have been really productive.

The main guy is Grim666 (Aki Klemm) who, since the beginning, has played all the instruments on the albums. The vocalist Tyrant (Niko Lindell) has been on board since 2016. Not sure about the live guys so I just mention the 2 that are listed as current line up so if someone has all the names, let me know. Checking back to last years gig it was the same situation:)
Nevertheless, it was a great bunch of guys on stage, and now it was the second time I saw the band live AND also have listened to some of the material so it was pretty cool.
Band: Grimm666  Tyrant

[Live clip by Gronn Onland]

Collected notes:
– Latest release: Surun saattomailla Relese March 2023