“The ability to simultaneously cultivate ominous atmosphere around the violent core of Sex Messiah’s songs lends the album a unique character, and the writing is diverse such that no riff feels forced or redundant. One facet of the band that sets it apart from many of its contemporaries—although it may also be considered a nod to the aforementioned GISM—is the use of Industrial Noise intros and interludes. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that guitarist and founding member of the band, Moenos, also has a solo project for her “Satanic Blacknoise”—as she refers to it—which bears resemblance to the noisier passages on the album. With this release, Sex Messiah has perfected their message and stands poised to extend the band’s influence, summoning more adherents to the eastern cult.” – J. Campbell 2018

Interesting band! From Osaka, Japan. Founded in 2008. These days a 2 piece but they do produce a lot of noice:) Doesn´t seem to be any problem for a bunch of other similar bands like BÖLZER & INQUISITION so those who can handle the concept, it works really well. Then ofc, can´t be sure if they always are 2 persons because on Metal Archives there is also a (live) bassist listed. Can´t say it was an instant hit when they just got started on the (again) full sunlight, outdoor stage but it picked up pretty quickly. In the end I was really happy I stayed around for the whole (at least almost) gig. Enjoyed it quite a bit! Really nice persons those two also:)
Tried to find some more info about what has happened since the beginnings but at least the vocalist Moenos has played the guitar from start and she became the vocalist in 2019. There has been a couple of vocalists before her and the latest one, Sadistic Blasphemer (Kouichi Udagawa) stayed in the band for 9 years. The guy behind the drums, Abaddrums Doom Grinder, has been in the band since 2018.

[Live clips by Tales From The Frontline, Infinite Chaos Promotions & sarvi]

Collected notes & links:
– Current label: Me Saco un Ojo Records
– Latest release: Metal del Chivo Compilation 2022
– Band: Moenos Guitars (since 2008), Vocals (since 2019) Abaddrums Doom Grinder Drums