WARMOON LORD – Steelfest 20/5 2023

“WARMOON LORD is arguably the best-kept secret of the ever-fertile Finnish black metal underground. The band is the sole work of one Lord Vrajitor, a prolific figure in the wider Finnish music underground, but also concurrently the mainman of OLD SORCERY. But whereas that band largely/mostly works within the dungeon synth genre, WARMOON LORD is pure & proud black metal of a most fantastical nature – equally medieval, maybe even more so, but burning with icy-hot passion that so fired the second wave during the mythical 1990s.” – Werewolf Records, Bandcamp

The very last band out for this glorious 2023 edition of Steelfest. Shit tired but still managed to see most of the gig:)
Can´t wait for next years fest!

[Live clips by Gronn Onland, sarvi, Tales From The Frontline, Infinite Chaos Promotions]

Collected notes & links:
– Latest release: Battlespells Full-length 2021
– Label: Werewolf Records


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