One of the greatest at this festival!

Not spoiled with livegigs with these guys (only the second time ever) and both times they were absolutely brilliant! Last time was at the same festival but indoor stage and now playing as the last band outdoors, which suited them very well. Huge crowd and just freaking amazing performance! All hail Lauri Werwolf.
The first time I even listened to SATANIC WARMASTER was in a car travelling from Barcelona to Madrid for a second WATAIN / SHINING show on the trip(2011?). “Where Eternity Awaits”…#neverforget. Still one of the favourites.

[Live clips by Gronn Onland,Tales From The Frontline]

Collected notes & links:
– Latest release:  Aamongandr
– Label: Werewolf Records
Found a review from 2016. SW performing the first time in the UK (Glasgow). With all the usual shitstorm, resulting the original venue backing off etc etc.(Vice) The usual. I met the promotor when I was in UK with VALKYRJA/ARCHGOAT the same year. Great person! Support the good ones!