HELLBOOZER UNION – Steelfest 15/5 2022

Best way to start a very tired 4th day was the awesome roast pig buffet (with Werwolf as DJ playing the upcoming SATANIC WARMASTER album for us) and then HELLBOOZER UNION. Somewhat different from the rest of the bands at Steelfest but lots of fun and actually a really good band. According to themselves they sound like “A vomit bursting out at sunday morning” :D In addition they also got the vocalist from the BURZUM cover/tribute band “IMPENETRABLE DARKNESS” running around with a bowl of blood. Completely naked.
Hard to find any clips but a bit from Steelfest 10 years ago.


A nice post-show picture wit some of the guys:) A short clip from the roast pig buffet below.

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