Formed 1993 in Oakland, CA, United States. Tough luck with drummers:/ read all about it in the interview (link below) by Bardo Methodolgy. I know nothing about them and a bit hard to find stuff so I copy, paste & link as usual:D
“Since the band began in the early 1990s, Morbosidad has remained one of the most consistent bands in the Bestial Black/Death scene. As one of the very few bands that has maintained the extremity in their sound throughout the decades, Morbosidad has assumed a deservedly prominent status within the ranks of the underground. Led by vocalist Tomas Stench, whose depraved vision guides the band and whose distinctive vocal style is the signature of all Morbosidad releases, Morbosidad has evolved through the years without sacrificing their integrity”
[Live clip by Saatanan Aslakki]

Interview, short version online. Full version is in Bardo Methodology #5