Militant Flak ‘N’ Roll from Tallinn, Estonia since 1996. (LOITS meaning spell/incantation)


“There is actually nothing modern in Loits. I reckon there may be some similarities on the rock side in our music to Black ́n ́Roll trend, which was in time of releasing our album Vere kutse kohustab pretty overpowering in the Scandinavia, but otherwise is our music always been either nostalgic or even in some ways innovative. Since the cold, dark and evil is expressed in Loits through war themes, it felt fitting to substitute the word Black for the similarly sounding Flak. Flak being an anti-aircraft weapon.” – from the ViktorasBlogas interview (link below)


These guys have been around for quite awhile. Can´t say I know that much about Estonian bands but obviously there´s stuff that one should know about. For a lot of people from all over the world, LOITS seemed to be one of the highlights (or THE highlight). Been diving a bit more into their releases and lyrics since I got back home. Also great thing that there are always shitloads of great stuff to discover. It´s neverending and I´m very happy for that:)


[Live clips by Tales From The Frontline, Gronn Onland &  Infinite Chaos Promotions]



Collected notes:
– Latest release(s): Full length Must album 2007 / Compilation (digital)  Furor Aesticus: Prelude to the Vere Kutse Kohustab 2020
– Label: Flak’n’Roll Records
– The vocalist Ahto-Lembit “Lembetu” Lehtmets also played guitar in the band for some years (1996-2004)
– Interview (video) by Rauta 2021
– Interview 2017  (with some fun old alcoholic memories from the road xD )
– Steelfest special LOITS t-shirt may still be available
– More about Estonian metal & bands