My first time on a ferry to Finland since…i don´t know when.


And I never really thought I would ever even concider floating around the Gulf of Bothnia again… But all of the sudden It felt like a good thing to do, so I booked it in. Mostly because of F.K.Û !!! So I tried to tell myself it´s all going to be worth it.

And the good part is…It really was fun:) I knew I´d share a cabin with some people, but I didn´t know which ones…so I was quite happy to find Jenny W. there. The flyerguys I met when boarding were the other two roommates. So it all worked out well.  Off to find some food with Peter Distortion and Kling, and soon It was time to get my gear and go shooting some bands.   Dismember started to play at 9.00 PM so there wasn´t so much time to do nothing in between. I loved the stage and the pretty lights!!! It was FUN to photograph. I shooted the whole Candlemass gig (thanx Micke!!;)) After the last band finished at 2.30, I took a couple of beers, wandered around a bit,  met some really nice people and also three really stupid fucks…Personally  I hoped somebody would quickly throw the nasty bunch overboard.
Went to sleep when Galaxy arrived to Finland.