M.A.N. – Tantogården 4/10 2008

The last band yesterday: M.A.N. from Gothenburg. The first time I saw Tony, the singer, was at the Dirty Black Summer festival (brilliantly arranged by M.M.I.´s Mr. Bergman:) for a couple a years ago. Back then he fronted the legendary Transport League and I thought he was one of the most impressive stagepersonalities I was ever seen. About two years ago I saw M.A.N at Klubben and I thought he´d lost something on the way…
Still, yesterday was again something else. A real powerful performance and NICE lights:)) Most of it were on Tony and the guy to the left (remember now what I told you earlier;)) got hardly any lights on him at all. Thats too bad because he was quite cool with a couple of really awesome guitars. He got some cool red lights behind him, tho…
No pics what so ever on the drummer:(


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