Slept maybe 3 or so hours and up for breakfast (read: coffee!!. And even more coffee!): Met F.K.Û Teddy on my way to the cafeteria. We had a really nice coffee & cigarettes breakfast talking about life and stuff and listening to the same songs over and over in the Guitar Hero bar…
F.K.Û did a GREAT gig!!! As always!! The main reason for me to being on the boat in the first place!!
I shooted the whole gig so there´s about a million pics uploaded.
The last band to play on this cruise was Demon and soon after we arrived in Stockholm. And that was the end of it. The next SRF cruise thing is in april…maybe I´ll go again:)
And now to my favourite part of the event: The great moshoholics F.K.Û.  As I said, there are tons of pics, but I´ll sort some of them out later. The worst ones…