The French never cease to surprise.This one was spectacularly odd:D  Basically an one man band by Léon Harcore / Vaerohn (who still back in 2010 didn´t necessarily fancy doing live gigs. Glad he changed his mind later, tho:))


Can´t really describe the show, so I borrow from Brutal Assault (where they are playing in August this year!!):
“After more than a decade of existence, PENSÉES NOCTURNES, a one-man band led by Vaerohn, have gone from a studio project to the stage.
Get ready for something crazy. Black metal music enriched with brass instruments, piano, accordion, Theremin etc. surrounded by a nightmare: all this creates a twisted and grotesque, chaotic, avant-garde, deranged circus.

PENSÉES NOCTURNES will take you to carnival parties, showcasing spectacular church organs, philharmonic orchestras, but not forgetting brass bands, piano decadence, dissonant or depressing black metal riffs or even post-black, crazy pure voice.” You get the idea?

The Live guys:  Gégé Accordion, Keyboards, Vocals Le Grand Bass Jacky Drums Roro Guitars Zakouille Guitars


[Live clips by Gronn Onland, Tales From The Frontline & Infinite Chaos Promotions]

Collected notes:
–  PENSÉES NOCTURNES is a real French UFO –
“The rule is actually there is none” – Vaerohn, July -22 @
–  Absolutely nothing to do with anything, but there is a wine called Pensées Nocturnes