Black/Thrash from Tampere, Pirkanmaa, Finland. Originally founded by Sulphur (Jarno Hämäläinen), Infernus (Kaitsu Pekkarnen) and Pimeä (Mikko Äimälä) in Kuopio, Finland in 1994. All 3 also in BARATHRUM at that point (according to Metal Archives).

Definitely a band I would go & see again. Somebody bring them to Sweden!?
Me & Marco totally took advantage of their demon stuff we found lying about behind the stage. A nice picture somewhere below ⇓
Band: Sulphur Vocals, Guitars, Bass Axeleratörr Guitars (lead) Pestilent Slaughter Guitars Kalle Salminen Drums
[Live clips below by leatherheaven & Tales From The Frontline. Check out their channels!]

Collected notes:
– Latest release: Iron Will of Power Sept 2019
– Interview w. Sulphur from 2019 @