“WITCHTRAP is an old school thrash metal power trio band formed by the two brothers Carlos Uribe a.k.a. Burning Axe Ripper & Hugo Uribe a.k.a. Witchhammer in Medellín – Colombia. The band started in early 1992 under the name “Dark Millennium”, playing classic death metal, but a year later changed their style to thrash metal and the band’s name turned to WITCHTRAP.” – Bancdamp bio

Great live band!! Very expressive individuals all the guys in the band, so besides they sounded good, they were also very entertaining to watch:) GO Colombian thrash!

[Live clips below by WITCHTRAP official, Tales From The Frontline]

Collected notes:
– Latest release: Evil Strikes Again Full-length 2020
– Band: Witchhammer Drums Burning Axe Ripper Vocals, Guitars Enforcer Bass
Interview by Rauta (Youtube)