Satanic Black Metal from Finland since 1992 (As Nocturnal Feast to begin with, changed -93 to Black Dawn, added “True” to it in 2002)

Approved by Infection & Spellgoth of HORNA:) Their bandmate VnoM also being the drummer of TBD. I heard about the “Meathook Mystery Theater” at the 2018 Steelchaos, but this one was without any side show. Not needed. Good stuff! And again…there is so much to Finnish Black Metal I had no idea of. Especially the true underground side of it. Steelfest being my main source of education in that field the past couple of years:)


“True Black Dawn have been doing Satan’s good work for nearly a quarter century, since the 1992 release of the Hymn to Darkness demo under the name of Nocturnal Feast. Add to that Finland’s penchant for raw, black metal filth, and these guys have got some serious anti-Christian heft (/scene cred).”Decibel Mag. 2016

“Spectrophobia (fear of mirrors) and Dementophobia (fear of becoming insane) come to mind as fitting mental aberrants. A distorted reflection lurking in the looking glass, a shadow self grinning in the dark recesses of the mind, a soundless laughter echoing inside.”Wrath describes True Black Dawn in an interview October 2018

[Live clips below by Gronn Onland, Saatanan Aslakki]



Collected notes & links:
– Latest release: Come the Colorless Dawn Full-length 2016
– Label: World Terror Committee Productions
– Band: Wrath Vocals Syphon Guitars VnoM Drums TG Guitars Cult Bass