Aesthetics of Death, Misery & Suffering From Kouvola, Finland since 2003. Not so many releases,tho. A couple of demos and a compilation of both demos.

“RUTTOKOSMOS are one of the great “what if?”s of Finnish black metal. The band formed sometime in 2003 and released the five-song Ja minä näin kuoleman demo in 2006 and then the six-song Kärsimys demo a year later. Afterward, nothing was heard from RUTTOKOSMOS ever again. Only one member concurrently played in Divina Inferis, and the other two members either disappeared and played pseudonymously in other bands”

Very early (12.30PM) on the last, and very very tired, day so needed my second large bucket of coffee. Breakfast is THE most important thing:) But I never leave a gig without having some kind of an idea what it´s all about when it comes to new (for me) bands. Ofc not always enough, but if I find something interesting, I´ll go all in after getting back home, digging up everything I can find. So many bands I´ve never even heard of and can´t recall any boring or shitty gigs these 2 years I´ve been visiting Villatehdas. Ofc everything in relation so the scale is pending from “good” to “awesome beyond belief”. Also some very rare performances. Like this one. When did they even play live the last time?
[Live clips below by Gronn Onland & sarvi (also one from rehearsals]

Collected notes:
– Latest release: Kärsimys Compilation 2021 (released by Werewolf Records)
– Independent / not signed for the moment
– For the Japanese: Disk Union have the compilation in stock
(There are several Disk Unions in Tokyo. You´ll find the Hard Rock/Metal one in Shinjuku!:))