NATTEFROST – Steelfest Saturday 20/5 2023

“Never one to find rest however, especially in peace, Lord Nosferatus (who has since transformed his ritual name to R. Nattefrost) restless spirit has led him to venture deeper downward and continue to torment the world with further evil endeavors. Crowning his side bands WORLD DESTROYER, HATEPULSE, BLOODLINE and GRIMM is his solo project and most unforgivable sin, the aptly titled NATTEFROST. This allowed him to be freed of the boundaries of being in a band and to do, “Whatever the fuck I wanted… total necro and narrow minded black metal!””Bio @ Season of Mist

Fukken Roger Nattefrost! The whole band wore ribbon badges and I asked why. So, those were for being a National Treasure xD Awesome and highly entertaining performance  and definitely one of the highlights of this fest!
A long career with a huge amounts of chaos beats newfangled regulated bullshit anytime!  Also, Roger is awfully nice:)
#neverforget #hugefan
Doedsadmiral from DOEDSVANGR & NORDJEVEL made a guestappearance.

[Live clips by SilesianWoods Promotions, Gronn Onland, Saatanan Aslakki, Tales From The Frontline & Infinite Chaos Promotions]

Collected notes & links:
– Latest release: Engangsgrill Split 2009 (Nattefrost / Fenriz’ Red Planet)
– Interview Carpathian Forest/Nattefrost 2023 w. Rauta @ Steelfest
– There is one more Rauta interview with Nattefrost from 2017 on YouTube. Look it up.

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