The last live gig with Nox. The next one (in July at Metal Theatre Festival in Kalmar) will be fronted by Mannevond (Koldbrann etc) who also will appear on the next CRAFT album. While Nox has his reasons to step back, he will still be a part of the band and involved in whatever they will be up to.
Yep, I´m a bit sad still:)
But it was great to see the gig and because they never made a bad song, there were only hits on the setlist xD
Hot and sunny ofc.


“The rawness of Nox vocal delievery has been essential to the sound of Craft since our inception and we would truly not be the band that we are without him. We want to make it very clear that Nox is still a part of Craft. It is however important for us to keep bringing forth new material and especially performing it live, and for now – this simply does not fit with Nox’s other commitments. Nox will be a part of the new album, however not as lead singer.” –  statement from the band earlier this year



Notes & links:

– The very first live gig in Stockholm September 2014
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CRAFT ALBUMS W. NOX @ Bandcamp. Flawless, every each one of them!