A bit tricky one…but A.M.S.G. was actually SEIGNEUR VOLAND
The M.A. : “Xaphan conceptualized the band in 1996 while serving a prison sentence for grave desecration. He was released in April 1999 and recruited the other members.
Reformed to play live for 3 reunion gigs in 2004 (Netherlands, Switzerland and France) and again in 2019 (Finland, Belgium, Germany and Ukraine), Japan in 2020 (Tokyo and Osaka), and again in 2022 when they played a surprise set at SteelFest using the name “AMSG”.”

So there you go. Need to figure out where to sort them in the band list:/ Really cool band live!
Btw..Steelfest still got some official band merch to buy from their webpage!
[Live clip by Gronn Onland]