vorgus_everwhereGot a couple of CD:s from my friends in Vörgus & Everwhere. The Vörgus album, Hellfueled Satanic Action, I got in my hands at Kafé 44 last saturday from Mikke (Vörgus´ drummer) and the Everwhere´s  Black Dawn arrived with the mail the other day.
The Vörgus cd cover and the memberpics in the (nice & glossy) booklet is from an earlier photoshoot.  Did a photoshoot with Everwhere in may…have to fix up some of the pics soon. No pics on the CD, tho. Some cool & dark artwork instead.

Thanks a bunch guys!!  Good stuff!!:)

Have to meet Kitty soon!! Not just for the Japantalk (we are going to TOKYO in october!!:)) and sushi, but also to get some stuff  Fab (Inferno Records) sent me. Can´t wait to see what it is!!:)

Love presents!!:)