The Ugly is a band I truly love in this world and I´ve only seen great gigs with these guys. Inky is also one of the most weird and charismatic frontfigures in the country.

A couple of things with them I never forget….the intro that blew me totally away the first time I saw them at Tanto for a couple of years (?) ago and the crazy gig at Anchor when Inky jumped right into the moshpit in the middle of a song and all hell breaks loose…and Sophie, who HAS to be used to any kinds of stuff running a metalclub and all, got out of the place ´til things cooled down a bit. Good times:) Fantastic night all together….

This time, warming up for F.K.Û, they were one guitarist short so the sound wasn´t exactly the same, but still it was so goood!! The new album rules also, btw!!