darkcreed7The last band at RIFS was Bombs of Hades (love the name. So cool!!:) from Västerås. Didn´t do my homework, so many of the bands playing this weekend, were bands I didn´t know so much about so I thought it could be  quite exciting. And it turned out to be  better I ever imagined.  The whole idea having this festival was based on the release of a (limited) compilation vinyl called Resurrected In Festering Slime.  Most of the bands on the compilation also played on this festival. BIG thanks to  Andrés (Darkcreed), Sophie and Peter who made this great event happen!!  Andrés also jumped in for one song with Bombs of Hades (Jaws of Satan) I had a great time and I do hope this wasn´t the last time I saw these great bands. And I sure hope I get the chance to see those two bands I missed…Feral and Morbus Chron….someday soon!!!