Me & Kitty – The Tokyo Drift October 2009

I can´t really understand why I didn´t take more (and more serious) video while in Japan…just some very few, really sucky clips which I tried to glue together. Probably they´re just fun for us but I´ll share with you anyway:) Got one more, just have to send it on YouTube. The first clip was over 8 minutes but YouTube cut it in half!!!!! Don´t know why…So you miss the Slayer finale. Some from the backstage bar with the labelguys (Spiritual Beast) and the Brasilian band Hibria, our friends Takashi & Miho from Hiroshima and some (short) clips of Rob Zombie & Slayer (live that is..).
The second clip is on a guy who played his guitar near the station when we left the festival. He was really cool!:)

>> Loud Park
>> The Promotion thursday (interviews, signingsession & FUN:))

The Loud Park Experience. :

A cool guy playing guitar:

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