My Japanese friends Takashi and Miho came to Stockholm and we went to Gröna Lund to see Hardcore Superstar. Takashi saw them back in ´06 in Hiroshima and thought it would be really nice to see them again:) Funny weather, though. First it was quite ok and a bit later I was freezing my ass off. REALLY cold winds.
We met Anders and Sasha and tagged along to some pub after the show. We also met Yayoi, AKA “Shield”, from Tokyo. Still wonder how she could find me that day:) Hopefully I´ll be meeting her again when I´m going to Tokyo in october…HCSS is not a band I usually go and see, but I enjoyed the show very much. Really fun band to see live:) Pleased with some of the pics also. Never applied for a photopass, just took some shots while standing in the crowd and watching the show with my friends.