D´EspairsRay – Klubben 1/8 2007 and Sicilian stuff

“D´EspairsRay a Japanese visual kei rock band. The lineup of Hizumi on vocals, Karyu on guitar, Zero on bass and Tsukasa on drums”

In Palermo I went to the Capuccini catacombs…lots of corpses hanging on the walls and lying on the shelves. Pretty cool place=)
Totally forbidden to take pics though…so I took only a couple…;))
It haven´t always been forbidden to take pics in the catacombs, so there are some pics on various sites on the net. Like this one

What else…? My summer vacation  is almost over and I don´t feel so good about it:(   But that´s life, I guess….
There´s been some good things this summer, so can´t complain.  And there´s still
some more left…like a trip to the highest waterfall in Sweden this weekend.
A few days of nature, mosquitos and whoknowswhat…
Metalthings soon to come:  promopics for Skellington , Dir en Grey at Klubben, Behemoth coming later on…Swedish Metal Expo ( no booth this year. Too bad…It was really fun last year=)) ).
And stuff like that.
Later / Soile

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