Edit June 16th: Backdated this post when I started to upload the full galleries…

Steelfest was amazing once again!!!
Uploading stuff to @ www.facebook.com/extremmetal right now. Will take a week or so more. [Approx one or 2 bands/day]
So go there if you want to see some.
The full galleries will be properly introduced here a bit later.

Right now some pics of

 Barathrum Orchestra , infernal war , AETERNUS, Sarkrista, Gorgoroth, Torsofuck, Aegrus, Krzysztof Drabikowski’s Батюшка , Black Altar , Délétère, HORNA I – Nazghul, DEATHCHAIN, Hellbutcher, HORNA III – Spellgoth, Craft, Kroda, Licht des Urteils