Blackened Death from France formed in 2006.
“RITUALIZATION are the gathering of four individuals who share the same ideas about the way death metal must be played. Manning the six six six wires of hatred, Infamist’s initial purpose was to bring another musical incarnation to the light of darkness” 

Also a new band for me! Great gig in full sunlight. Very hot, very heavy. Great vocalist and yay for the awesome drummer!!

[Live clip below by Gronn Onland]

Collected notes & links:
Band: Blastum Drums (also in Merrimack, Antaeus (live), in one of my last years favourites: Osculum Infame (live) and he used to play in Aosoth Infamist Guitars Warchangel Vocals Da’ath Guitars Daethorn Bass, Vocals (backing) (also in Merrimack)
– Latest release: Hema Ignis Necros EP 2022
– Current Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
– Merch: