Battle black from Los Angeles, California.
“Gravespawn – the ultimate death metal monicker? – is a USA-based black metal solo act founded by jarhead Reaver while in the army in Oklahoma, USA and furthered while stationed in South Korea. That country is occupied by American forces, while North Korea is a dictatorship supported by China”.
About Satanism & Anti-religion in the beginning  and later got into Dark history, Mythology & Battles (according to Metal Archives)
Their friend  Ashareth stept in for the rhythm guitar (also mandolin for some parts) and stuff happened. From the bands FB:
“Due to armor malfunction (something I’m all too familiar with), our guest guitarist dislocated her shoulder during our set. Yet she still powered through the show, took photos with us backstage, and sat through our signing session before getting her husband to rush her to the hospital. That is true fucking black metal right there. The same dudes who gripe about women playing black metal would probably bitch out off the stage crying.”
No one ever noticed…
Cool girl! Hats off! And ofc she´s into other awesome stuff. Like being the owner and founder of Blackmetal Armory etc.

Collected notes:
– Reaver is “active in a nationwide living history organization called the SCA where I fight in competitive armored combat” (or at least was when he did this interview with occultblackmetalzine in 2016.
– Current label: Satanath Records
– Latest album: Scourge of the Realm Full-length 2022
– Booking inquiries:
Interview with GRAVESPAWN February 2018
Full concert from Steelfest. Recorded by Nestruction Studios

[Live clip by Gronn Onland]