hate2Here´s the deal: I´ve opened up the gallery again and the albumlist is where it belongs. But the pics are not. My database backupfile were much bigger than the limit so it didn´t work out. I really couldn´t believe it…I mean what´s the point having large spaces at your webhotel when you can´t back it up?
So now I have to send up all pics again. And it will take about a year or so before everything´s in place again. I´ve not decided if I really go for sending up everything or if I have to leave something behind. At least the really shitty pics;))
I start sending up the latest i shooted, so the links in the blog start working again, then I´ll see. Fortunately I could send up backup on all of the 365 (empty) albums, so they got the same number and position as before. Think I have to improvise a bit and see what happens. I have filled up some 5-6 albums now, so there´s just 360 left to go…. I´m really in a bad mood right now:(
To all of you (bands) who have linked to the albums: if there´s no pics in your album, (and there probably aren´t right now) you can mail me and I´ll fix it a.s.a.p, so. Ok?
Anyway…I have to try to make the best of it but it will look empty for a long time…
One good thing happened though…got some stuff from Pat (F.K.Û) today!! Made me a bit happier in all this mess:) Thanks Pat!!!