psoa16Absolutely brilliant! Such a great show with one of my most loved bands. And P. (WATAIN) as their “tireless one man road crew” and also The Pyro Guy (pyros even for NIFELHEIM the day after).

The first bang took everyone by surprise, even the guys on stage :D Omfg that heat!! Unfortunately I was in the pit and couldn´t capture the the sky high hellfires from so close but there is at least one pic taken from the back of the crowd. You have to google it. It could also be posted on the bands FB page?) Anyways, agreed with the band to shoot during the whole gig so got some from the stage also. I never went back to the pit which I regretted in the end when P, joined in at some point and especially when they played “Tamam Shud” with both KzR from BÖLZER and former D 666 member Mersus (drums 2001-2012, nowadays GOSPEL OF THE HORNS) joined them on stage. Fkn legendary!!