“Every empire
Every nation
Every tribe
Thought it would end
In a bit more decent way”
– Exercises In Futility IV

Live clips below: “Exercises in Futility II” @ Sthlm Slaughter by
Dimitris Gvs, “Exercises in futility VI” recorded live during the Nidrosian Black Mass Aftermath tour, December 2015. Video shot and edited by Woda i Pustka.

Stockholm Slaughter
Death Disco Productions
District 19

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A few more on the extreMMetal.se Facebook page!
Thanks to everyone involved! Great festival and great times as usual:))


blackharvestlogo Finally MGLA live!!! I was about to go to Romania in February just to see them at a couple of shows. Well, PROCESSION were also playing so extra interested to go. But then I fucked up my finances by making a last minute decision to go to Blekkmetal in Bergen in November. Which I don´t regret, quite the opposite, but can´t have it all. Unfortunately:/ But Black Harvest came to the rescue and made this awesomeness to happen. Maybe not the most perfect sound which these guys should have deserved, but still such a great experience! The venue is still under development so hopefully they will give some thought to the acoustics? Anyways, I´m looking forward to see them again at PartySan.
(Mgla means fog in Polish)

Liveclip by BLEED TO DEATH


>>MORE (live clips etc)