The BEST weekend!!! Even though the very sad news from Paris hit us on  friday evening:( Earlier posted on my Facebook:
“It still feels very unreal that I was even there but BlekkMetal was definitely one of the Highlights of my life. Ohh the music, the artists, the atmosphere, the awesome people I met and had the chance to hang out with, the surprise midnight sandwiches (hehe:))…just everything about it!! Huge thanks and all my love, admiration and respect especially to Jannicke Wiese-Hansen, Martin Kvam, Kristian Eivind Espedal and the best roomies Jenny Colleen McInnis and Ester Segarra (yay for early morning karaoke and vodka soaked food!). You all rule!”

Pictures in editing and the first ones should be uploaded soon:)
The treasures below are my laminate, the festival poster, a GEHENNAH t-shirt and a gift from Kristian (Gaahl): a signed/numbered copy of the book with his art!!

>>MORE (live clips etc)

11221766_577635225718095_5937587345875052106_nThe saturday music treat started up with The C.L.A.S.P. Ritual – a tributeband including legends  as Gaahl, Dirge Rep, Skagg, Hoest, Iscariah, Thurzur,  Devilish and Infernal Vlad of Cult of Fire. Haha still can´t believe it:)) Hoest  in a couple of BURZUM songs and also some DEATHCULT (Thurzur, Skagg & Hoest playing the bass) who obviously never played live before.  And the greatness continued with OLD FUNERAL, HELHEIM, KAMPFAR and TAAKE.

Sunday we spent just hanging around with people at the venue until it was time for all to pack their things and leave. Got a great present from Kristian who gave me a signed and numbered copy of the book with his art!!! Later we met up at Garage for the crew party and some food (realy good reindeer stew for 70 people!:)), beers and Kvitrafn performed some songs for us. A perfect ending of an awesome weekend. Made some new friends and just to say bye to everyone I wanted to/could find took ages:)) Hope we meet soon again!

»Some snapshots from the venue

>>MORE (live clips etc)

blekkmetalBlekkmetal 13-15 November, 2015,- Bergen, Norway
“Welcome the early 1990s… To the beginning of the Norwegian Black Metal scene, to the grimness, the feeling, the art, the music….”
“BlekkMetal will only happen once. Never again.”

Kinda last minute decision and totally against my financial situation, but one does not simply say no to once in a lifetime events like this!
Fantastic weekend and not that often I go to a festival with only headliner bands:) Many of them I saw live for the first time, some of them I´ve seen many times, but all of them had special setlists so there were so many awesome surprises. Lots of legends on stage those two nights. Had such a great time! Collected whatever I could find on YouTube. Hopefully there will be more! Wish I had all the setlists!
Thank you all!!!:)

BANDS ON FRIDAY (Links to the galleries):

THE GALLERIES: »Enslaved / »Aeternus / »Gehenna / »Hades Almighty / »Gaahls Wyrd » / Some snapshots from the weekend

THE GALLERIES: »Enslaved / »Aeternus / »Gehenna / »Hades Almighty / »Gaahls Wyrd

>>MORE (live clips etc)