“Sarke formed in 2008 when Thomas “Sarke” Bergli (Khold, Tulus) decided to make a solo album. In November 2008 Sarke recorded the tracks for the album with keyboardist Anders Hunstad, produced by Lars-Erik Westby. Ted “Nocturno Culto” Skjellum (Darkthrone, ex-Satyricon) joined Sarke and provided vocals for the debut album, titled Vorunah, released on April 6, 2009 via Indie Recordings.[1] In 2009 drummer Asgeir Mickelson and guitarist Terje “Cyrus” Andersen joined the band as live members. In 2010 Steinar Gundersen joined Sarke as their second guitar player. In 2009 and 2010 the band played at several festivals such as Wacken Open Air (with the guest appearance of Thomas Gabriel Fischer[2]), Inferno Festival, Hole in the Sky, Party.San Open Air, Brutal Assault and Ragnarök Festival. After the festivals Mickelson, Cyrus and Gundersen became full-time members of the band.”


Video by Finn Arne Nystad