“The time has finally come for us to announce our return to our hometown Uppsala. On Friday November 3rd we will turn the giant concert hall of UKK into a temple of Black Metal Magic, in honor of our 25th anniversary as Watain. After selling out in no time we have decided to add one extra night on Saturday Nov 4th.” – WATAIN

The stage took a few days to build. Loads of work but totally worth it. Absolutely magnificent, both the show and the environment they created.
Lots of special moments like seeing Farida on stage for “We Remain” together with E. Attila also made a guest appearance and I saw E. playing the guitar on stage for the first time. The last song was Waters of Ain (Selim was missed on that one).
The setlist below is from Setlist.fm. Hope it´s the right one.
A few pictures here, way more in the Gallery

The live album “Die In Fire – Live In Hell (Agony And Ecstasy Over Stockholm)” was released (and available at the venue) on November 3 through Nuclear Blast Records. Recorded in Stockholm 2022.


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4 år sen senast (Gefle). Snygg scen, massor med eld och bandet i prima skick så jävligt mäktigt som det ska vara med WATAIN. Utsålt som fan var det också så riktigt tjockt med folk.
Förutom första början i fotodiket så hängde jag resten av spelningen uppe på balkongen och där blev det bara hetare och hetare (temperaturwise:)). All hetta från eldarna flöt uppåt så inom kort var det varmare än i en finsk bastu. Nån hade svimmat, husets staff gick runt och gav oss stora muggar vatten med isbitar i och metallräcket började bli suspekt varm. Precis innan sista låten stängdes balkongen helt för det var inte längre sunt att vara däruppe så vi fick ta utetrapporna ner för att se resten. Så fick inte med Grande Finale. Den andra av Youtube klippen har den biten dokumenterad dock.
Magnifik kväll alltsomallt! Tack Sara & E
[Liveklipp av MrFinlandsuomi & david. Bästa Claudio Marino filmade The Howling.)


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partysan2014posterOnce again a WONDERFUL festival!!!!! Thanks to Jarne (and the rest of the staff) and loads of old & new friends. Some which I meet at the same place every year:) Awesome, awesome line up and shows!! The cheap beer and the late night waffles…the fantastic atmosphere I always start missing it all before it even has ended.
So many highlights!! Big thanks to Bert/Metalshots and Sunve/Sunvemetal for letting me use some of their pictures:) See you next year!!!


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