“Urfaust is an occult audial vessel of delirious madness that was invoked in 1999. Ranging from Cruel Black Metal Ambient to Bombastic Drone Rituals, to minimalistic low-fi Black Magick:” – band bio

Band Members: IX & VRDRBR
[Clip from Stockholm by minavampira]


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“Månegarm is a Swedish Viking/pagan metal band that started up in Norrtälje, Sweden, in the end of 1995. Being one of the first bands to incorporate traditional instruments like violin and flute but also female vocals in the music, Månegarm is a pioneer and one of the longest lasting band in its genre” –  www.manegarmsweden.com


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“A name that’s earned a reputation for consistency and devotion, Hellfire Deathcult—in only four years—have carved their niche with napalm, jackhammers, and an unflagging delivery of unholy warfare. Yet on Death Worship, their third release to date, Chicago’s hooded beasts somehow outdo themselves. Hear mutated wild boar vocals spew nuclear hate. Hear riffs like infernal winds of hell rupturing forth from the earth, chased with bat-winged tormentors and leather-clad eaters of carrion. Hear drums blasting and blasting like some desperate gunner unloading round after round in an attempt to take the goddamn thing down” – Nuclear War Now (Release of the “Death Worship”
R. Perez – Vocals/Bass A. Alcantara – Guitars/Vocals E. Rodriguez – Drums


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It´s been almost a year since the last time I saw the legendary HELL. This time they only got some 30 minutes on stage but they made the most of it as expected. A short but awesome show!! They also got some time to hang out with me:) The new album is KILLER and on the top of my Best of 2013 list! Can´t wait to see them on a headline tour!! Or at some cool festivals next summer

Btw…about a million pics from the Derby show last winter is coming up shortly!! Haven´t published any of them yet.
Get the CD/DVD! Many of my photos in the DVD booklet;))

Line up: David Bower – Vocals / Kev Bower – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals / Andy Sneap – Guitar / Tony Speakman – Bass / Tim Bowler – Drums



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