Månegarm were great this evening! The guys are hosting their own festival in august In Norrtälje and I think there´s still some tickets left: “It is probably the coolest Viking metal festival out there. It’s our own festival located in our home town Norrtälje and we have gathered the best bands in the genre just for you!”

Stockholm Slaughter
Death Disco Productions
District 19

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“Månegarm is a Swedish Viking/pagan metal band that started up in Norrtälje, Sweden, in the end of 1995. Being one of the first bands to incorporate traditional instruments like violin and flute but also female vocals in the music, Månegarm is a pioneer and one of the longest lasting band in its genre” –  www.manegarmsweden.com


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Bästa Mikael Strömberg, som jag har hittills “bara” känt som  medlem i REMASCULATE ska helt plötsligt ge ut en bok!! Och det firades igår på Harry B. som, kvällen till ära, var ett ovanligt trevligt ställe. ROB COFFINSHAKER & MÅNEGARM lirade, Mikaels böcker gick åt som smör och jag satt med Kacper & Findus och drack öl. Dom två kom ut flera ggr under kvällen. Tillsammans!  Sen blev vi åthutade av vakten för vi tog fönstervägen till uteserveringen…vi lovade ta dörren i fortsättningen.  Efteråt fortsatte det hela uppe i Robbans loge med en grym liten privatspelning bara för mig, Tomas & hans tjej. Mys delux!! Hemma 4 tiden. Bra kväll…natt….morgon(kvist):))

»frank bokförlag

A most enjoyable evening, thanx to ANGREPP who organized it all!I..m working on the pics and I will tell you when I..m done.A short summary: All over it was a great evening with lots of good music and nice, drunk people:)  Some more drunk than others (Don..t worry Findus. I won..t give you away;)). And of course, I wasn..t drunk at all as usual… Angrepp had some really good stuff going on! Just a few more gigs so they begin to feel more at home on the stage, and it will be great. I think this was their third gig or something? So someone, book the band already!!!! I sure will  go and see them again!


The Ugly...what can I say? From the coolest intro ever and all the way to the bitter end…I just loved them!! I had the highest hopes for seeing The Ugly and I didn..t get a bit disappointed. They were so GREAT!!  I think saw dead people!!!


Vörgus, my all time green favourites, were the next band on stage. Nenne seemed a bit tired at first, but the gig was of a really good Vörgus quality, and they did have to play In Metal We Trust twice before they were allowed to go off stage. I..m still in charge of the Officially Unofficial Vörgus Fanclub, so you can get your member cards from me!;)


The last band, Månegarm, did completely tear down the house. People went nuts and sang along in every song they played. Really good show,  and a really good band.I left sometime in the middle of the show,  partly because it was waaaay after my bedtime but mainly because the folkmetal thing is really not my thing.  Too nice & friendly & happy;))Good gig, tho!!


If you sometimes wonder why I..m always so terribly positive about all the gigs I..ve been to…well, It..s probably because I only (well…to 99, 9%) shoot gigs I really want to see and the bands are mostly as good as I expected.  And of course, to keep on getting on the guestlists;)
See you at Facebreaker@Anchor and Demonical & Necrophobic at Tanto!!And maybe, if I..m still alive after shooting about 20 football teams on saturday, even at the Man Machine Industry releaseparty!!
Over & out…have some pics to take care of…I..ll tell you when there..s something to see!