RFCRFirst of all – great thanks to the organizers, especially Erik T. in SCARPOINT. Had a great time!

Didn´t take som many pics besides the live ones, but here´s the few I did take. Some fashion shooting with Kenneth & Jonas (SCAR SYMMETRY) along with Peter and Alexander. Ellos catalogue anno -85 revisited! The rest of the pics immortalizes some SCARPOINT & CLAWFINGER ppl, a couple of guys I don´t know at all and Jesper in a suit (!!??!!) and with a cigar (!??).


I also stalked SCAR SYMMETRY vocalists Roberth & Lars to their dressing room in hope to see some nudity, but naaahh. Roberth handed me a beer, tho. The pic I took on P.A. is totally unpublishable. Like so many other pics of him before;) And that´s was about it…except that Roberth will be back in STHLM next week with his other band FACEBREAKER!! Don´t miss it!!! THE RESISTANCE, CRUCIFYRE & MR. DEATH will be there too!


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