The crowd started to get their armbands a bit too late so when WOLAND started to play, most of the people were still in line back at the Black Heart. We got the fast lane for press/photo but I still missed a couple of songs in the beginning. Great show, tho!!!! They were really good! The lights didn´t work with me that well but that´s my standard complain:)
AURA NOIR never fail. Never ever. They´re always great and I love them to death. Oh and me and Ester were the only ones with the permission to shoot anytime, all the time! Love Håkon & the guys at Electric Ballroom!

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Tomi & Arkki (IMPALED NAZARENE) outside of the Underworld

Tomi,Arkki (IMPALED NAZARENE) and Cristina (Official Romanian Thrash Metal Club) outside of the Underworld

The line up was really something at this festival:) What can I say…

AURA NOIR: Aggressor / Apollyon / Blasphemer + live drummer Kristian Valbo.
The one and only AURA NOIR!! “The Merciless” is one of my top 5 albums ever! Has been since the day it was released. Or even before that…got the promo some weeks before the release. I´m having high hopes for the next album!!

SODOM: Tom Angelripper – Vocals/Bass / Bernemann – Guitars / Markus “Makka” Freiwald – Drums
Really fun guys. Great show every time!:))



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The awesomess continues at BLACK CHRISTMASS. Superb second day!!

Running order saturday 20th
Eingana 15.30-16.00
Facebreaker 16.20-16.50
Aura Noir 18.35-19.35
Sodom 20.05-21.05
Marduk [“Those of the unlight”] 21.35-22.35
Satyricon 23.05-00.35

partysan2014posterOnce again a WONDERFUL festival!!!!! Thanks to Jarne (and the rest of the staff) and loads of old & new friends. Some which I meet at the same place every year:) Awesome, awesome line up and shows!! The cheap beer and the late night waffles…the fantastic atmosphere I always start missing it all before it even has ended.
So many highlights!! Big thanks to Bert/Metalshots and Sunve/Sunvemetal for letting me use some of their pictures:) See you next year!!!

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AURA NOIR @ Garage!! They kill every time and I can´t wait to see them again. Hopefully at some of the summer festivals. And some guy behind me tried to kill me during “Condor”. The mf tried to snatch my spot in the front. Still, he turned out to be a nice guy after all. Just very drunk:))

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