EINGANA – Extreme Metal band hailing from Norrköping, Sweden.
Mikael Iriarte Molina – Guitar / Enkido Ercin – Guitar / Calle Pajala – Drums / Karl Ek – Vocals / Ande San Martin – Bass

FACEBREAKER, my all time favourites!!! Roberth still has of the most powerful growls in metal. Awesome gig!!
Guitar – Bendler / Guitar – Jan Ivarsson / Bass – Jonas Magnusson 7 Drums – Kniven / Vocals – Roberth Karlsson





The awesomess continues at BLACK CHRISTMASS. Superb second day!!

Running order saturday 20th
Eingana 15.30-16.00
Facebreaker 16.20-16.50
Aura Noir 18.35-19.35
Sodom 20.05-21.05
Marduk [“Those of the unlight”] 21.35-22.35
Satyricon 23.05-00.35

The awesome guys from Finspång are coming back to town tomorrow and play together with ENTOMBED A.D and The GRAVIATORS. at Kägelbanan. Hope I can make it there!
Have seen them many times, but the last time was at Sthlm Death Feast almost two years ago. Definitely the best band for Roberth´s (Scar Symmetry, Tormented) killer growl!

I´ve seen FACEBREAKER many times since Klubben in Stockholm back in 2006. Always great to be at their shows and even though Roberth is a rockstar in SCAR SYMMETRY, this is the shit!!;) While Mika (Lagreen) is occupied by his duties in GRAVE, mr Bendler (ENGULFING RAGE) is touring with the band. And he did great at SDF!


>>MORE (live clips etc)

Club Distortion with Peter & Sophie is finally back in a really good venue in the middle of the City!! Four awesome bands on opening night: FACEBREAKER, Mr, DEATH, CRUCIFYRE & THE RESISTANCE. Really good stage & lights and even the sound was great! The beer could be cheaper, tho. And don´t buy drinks in the bar!! They cost like 16 Euro (!!??) Anyway, uploaded some some FACEBREAKER pics. A killer gig as always!


Bättre sent än ännu senare. Blandade bilder på blandat folk. Fylla, våld, metal, sex och sånt. Som sig bör. Dom flesta som figurerar i bilderna är überkändisar från Facebreaker, Scar Symmetry, Crucifyre, General Surgery, Mr. Death, Vicious Art, Morbus Chron, Close Up, Club Distortion osv osv osv. Jag tycker dom var snygga och jag gillar dom alla. Annars skulle jag inte fotat dom. Fy för allmän mingelfoto!! Bästa DJ setet ever av Daniel J.!! Gillade även låtarna jag inte gillar!


FACEBREAKER (Scar Symmetry-Robbans RIKTIGA band;)) är ett av dom banden jag aldrig vill missa när dom lirar i stan!! Bara superlativer den här gången också. Ny platta ute också bara så ni vet!! Bilderna blev sämst på hela kvällen och skickade några riktigt sugiga till CU. Hatade dom och mig själv, men tog mig samman och med lite trix & fix fick jag ändå ihop till ett album. Får duga. Spelningen var ändå bättre än så…


The first gig in a long time and it happened to be a really fantastic one! Got to see Facebreaker again along with two other greats: Demonical and Torture Killer. The bands started out their European tour at Kafé 44 and the next stop were Eldfesten in Köping. That´s not so far and the plan was that I tag along with the bands right after the gig. However I didn´t want to stay in a hotel after the festival and I couldn´t find anybody driving to Stockholm at 2AM, so I had to pass. Hope they have a great tour.
Adrian & the Luciferian Society with staff did a great job and made a perfect evening! A very special thanks to Björn who works at the venue. He´s an amazing guy who always looks after me:)
Need more Deathmetal…soon.

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