The line up was really something at this festival:) What can I say…

AURA NOIR: Aggressor / Apollyon / Blasphemer + live drummer Kristian Valbo.
The one and only AURA NOIR!! “The Merciless” is one of my top 5 albums ever! Has been since the day it was released. Or even before that…got the promo some weeks before the release. I´m having high hopes for the next album!!

SODOM: Tom Angelripper – Vocals/Bass / Bernemann – Guitars / Markus “Makka” Freiwald – Drums
Really fun guys. Great show every time!:))



>>MORE (live clips etc)


The awesomess continues at BLACK CHRISTMASS. Superb second day!!

Running order saturday 20th
Eingana 15.30-16.00
Facebreaker 16.20-16.50
Aura Noir 18.35-19.35
Sodom 20.05-21.05
Marduk [“Those of the unlight”] 21.35-22.35
Satyricon 23.05-00.35

Survived one more cruise:) I hate the Fin-Swe boats in general but I love the metalcruises. Thanks to the good people @ Sweden Rock Magazine for always having me: And feeding me. And giving me something to drink:) Anyway, some pics to begin with. Mostly on people I know, love & admire. Some random fun people made it also in the gallery. All the live pics will be uploaded later.

Some pics on my FB page if you want to tag yourself;)

The bands and the running order:

Thursday 29/3:
21:30 Krux
22:45 Blind Guardian
00:45 Marduk
02:00 Sodom

Friday 30/3:
12:45 Enforcer
14:00 Nocturnal Rites
15:30 H.E.A.T