So great to see VENOM in a bit more intimate venue! Fantastic show with lots of goodies and some help from a couple of girls from the crowd in “Black Metal”. They also played Black Xmas live for the first time. Enjoyed it a LOT!!!:D Thanks to Andy and the awesome staff at Flygeln for all the help!


Andy (The TM) keeping an eye on Danny:)
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Mefisto released two cassette demos, “Megalomania” in May 1986 and “The Puzzle” in November 1986. However after just two demos Mefisto disbanded in 1987, getting little support. The band has since gained cult status, heavily influencing the upcoming extreme music underground, especially the local Stockholm Death Metal scene.
Members: Robban “Thord” Granath Drums (1984-1987. 2014-present) Omar Ahmed Guitars (1984-1987.2014-present) Morgan Myhrberg (2015-present) //  Sandro Cajander Vocals, Bass (1984-1987)

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IN 2006: Acerbus (Ondskapt) and Nattdal (Dimhymn, Lifelover) spawn the idea of starting a ‘black n’ roll’ project aside of Acerbus’ band Ondskapt.
LINE UP TODAY: Outlaw (Vocals), Acerbus (Guitar), Titan (Guitar), Core (Bass), Thunder (Drums)



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The whole “De Mysteriis Dom Satanas”. Freaking amazing!! I still hold the 2006 Gates of Metal show as the best one ever, but this was truly amazing!!! Awesome stage also! Sharon from Toxic Vison made the crosses and Ester (Segarra) did some decoration work with a bunch of ribs:))




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“The band was originally formed back in 1990 as a primitive garage act. And it was first in 1992 that they made their first public appearance on a local compilation CD.”
Members: Johan Lindstrand – Vocals Marko Tervonen – Rhythm Guitar Robin Sörqvist – Lead Guitar Magnus Olsfelt – Bass



The festival openers! A 5-piece Death Metal band hailing from Norrköping, Sweden.
Line up: Micke Karlsson – Vocals Andreas Pernes – Guitar Erik Johansson – Guitar Niklas Schwerger – Bass Kalle Wiklund – Drums


Friday 18/12
15.30 Desecrated
16.30 Ofermod
17.30 Tribulation
18.30 The Crown
20.00 Destruction
21.30 Marduk
23.00 Mayhem

Saturday 19/12
15.30 Nekrokraft
16.30 IXXI
17.30 Death Wolf
18.30 Mefisto
20.00 Vader
21.30 Marduk
23.00 Venom


The awesomess continues at BLACK CHRISTMASS. Superb second day!!

Running order saturday 20th
Eingana 15.30-16.00
Facebreaker 16.20-16.50
Aura Noir 18.35-19.35
Sodom 20.05-21.05
Marduk [“Those of the unlight”] 21.35-22.35
Satyricon 23.05-00.35

Didn´t have so much time for  livephoto at the Swedish Metal Expo.
I managed to take some pics on Bullet, Loch Vostok  and Sonic Syndicate and that´s about it. It was a fulltime job taking care of the booth and yapping  with all the people I met…
There will be some pics from the guitarclinic held by Alexi & Roope from Children of Bodom. And maybe some other pix from the Expo;))


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