MARDUK Pt. 2 – “Those of The Unlight” set (+ some goodies like “Frontschwein”) and SATYRICON were the two last bands at Black Christmass. A couple of beers, some hanging out with the ever so lovely NECROPHOBIC guys and a very fast visit at the afterparty next door, and our awesome festival weekend in Norrköping was over. Had so much fun!! We all hope that Olof @ Skrikhult (and MARDUK Morgan!) will make it to a tradition!!:) Very much needed these darkest days of the year.





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The line up was really something at this festival:) What can I say…

AURA NOIR: Aggressor / Apollyon / Blasphemer + live drummer Kristian Valbo.
The one and only AURA NOIR!! “The Merciless” is one of my top 5 albums ever! Has been since the day it was released. Or even before that…got the promo some weeks before the release. I´m having high hopes for the next album!!

SODOM: Tom Angelripper – Vocals/Bass / Bernemann – Guitars / Markus “Makka” Freiwald – Drums
Really fun guys. Great show every time!:))



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Fear the nocturnal silence
The return of the forces of evil
The masters unholy arrival
The circle shall be sealed

Anders Strokirk – Vocals / Alexander Friberg – Bass / Fredrik Folkare – Lead & Rhythm Guitar/   Joakim Sterner – Drums


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EINGANA – Extreme Metal band hailing from Norrköping, Sweden.
Mikael Iriarte Molina – Guitar / Enkido Ercin – Guitar / Calle Pajala – Drums / Karl Ek – Vocals / Ande San Martin – Bass

FACEBREAKER, my all time favourites!!! Roberth still has of the most powerful growls in metal. Awesome gig!!
Guitar – Bendler / Guitar – Jan Ivarsson / Bass – Jonas Magnusson 7 Drums – Kniven / Vocals – Roberth Karlsson





The awesomess continues at BLACK CHRISTMASS. Superb second day!!

Running order saturday 20th
Eingana 15.30-16.00
Facebreaker 16.20-16.50
Aura Noir 18.35-19.35
Sodom 20.05-21.05
Marduk [“Those of the unlight”] 21.35-22.35
Satyricon 23.05-00.35

The magnificent end of Day 1. MARDUK played Panzer Division Marduk and MORBID ANGEL played Covenant. Plus some goodies from both of the bands. My last MORBID ANGEL show was in 2006 so it was about time.


marduk1 spotify  MARDUK – Panzer division Marduk morbidangel

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UADA, a young local band had the honor to open the festival on friday. They also told me this was their biggest gig so far and they seemed to be quite happy with it:) A good start to something that only got better during the two days it lasted.

Line up: Vocals: Pontus Fälting Jacobson / Lead Guitar: Kenan Osmić / Rhythm Guitar: Tomaz Oginski / Bass/Backing Vocals: Naim Hrustanović / Drums: Oscar Källström.



Next on stage: NEFANDUS who´s been around a lot longer and “was founded as a satanic Black Metal band in 1993 by Belfagor, Ushatar and Blackwinged. Today, almost two centuries later the band is still active as a duo (Ushatar & Belfagor) with principally the same agenda as in the beginning: to spread the Light of Lucifer and the satanic legacy that has been chosen to the band by the gods and goddesses of Sitra Ahra”.
And still, NEFANDUS has only performed live twice during all those years!?

I asked Belfagor about the “sideshow”
On this, the second show ever by Nefandus, the band included a tortured Jesus figure and someone to represent a modern Pontius Pilatus, a figure representing the torture and humiliation of Christ. Only suitable for an event called Black Christmass.

Line up: Belfagor- vocals / Ushatar -guitar /Slob- bass / Vrash-drums / The Tower -guitar
The torture team: Tommie Meyer -Jesus and Florian Hucek – the Torture Master

Awesome first day at the very first of (hopefully) many BLACK CHRISTMASS Festivals.  I know there´s no decision of  a new one, but one can only hope;))

Running order friday 19/12
Doors 15.00
Uada 15.30-16.00
Nefandus 16.20-16.50
Grave 17.20-18.05
Nifelheim 18.35-19.35
Entombed AD 20.05-21.05
Marduk [”Panzer Division Marduk”] 21.35-22.35
Morbid Angel 23.05-00.35


Some first pics. Full galleries soon!!