Dag 2…av allt bra denna dag så gjorde Raised Fist och Isobel & November störst intryck. Raised Fist för att det var första gången jag lyckades pricka in dom live och blev extremt impad. Vansinnigt drag och eld och ninjahopp. Isobel & November var ett band som jag missat helt tidigare. Fantastisk och vacker spelning!!  Overkill, Devildriver & div. andra behöver man inte nämna speciellt. Så givet bra!!;)


12:00 Corroded / 12:45 The Quireboys / 13:15 »Tim Messenger / 13:45 Grand Magus / 14:15 Amy´s Ashes / 14:45 »Sonic Syndicate / 17:00 »Overkill / 17:15 »Marissa Burns Trey / 18:15 »Raised Fist / 19:15 Mad Dog / 20:45 Devildriver /22:15 »Motörhead /  23:15 »Isobel & November / 00:00 »Meshuggah

The first hours in Nykvarn was hell. Was so tired I felt sick and I was in a really bad mood.
Seeing Intohimo on the Close Up stage made me feel better already and the Sonic gig and some extracoffee did the rest. Now it was really sad because this was the absolutely last Swedish concert with Roland in the band. Still, I think it will be great with the new guy, Nathan. He´s a nice guy, looks good, and seems to get along with the rest of the band really well. And they tell me he´s an amazing singer. So what else do you need?
He also took care of thIMG_0288at I got some coffee at the hotel in GBG. As I said, a really nice guy;)  Forgot the breakfastpic in the last post so send it up here instead)
The first time I saw Sonic Syndicate outdoors and instead for shooting in the photopit, I kept on using the zoomlens and found my self a good spot on a slope behind the crowd (which was btw going crazy during the show:)) and had a really good overall view.

More Sonic Syndicate pics
» Stagedive Day Out random pics


Some random shots

IMG_2406Roadtrip with Linda and her Dennis to Gothenburg. Met Renata (Pieni) at the trainstation and we went off to Sticky Fingers for the Sonic Syndicate gig. While I was waiting outside the station drinking coffee, trying to keep awake,  Pelle Hellbutcher Nifelheim came along and we chattered for awhile. Really nice surprice to see him there:)
The pics i took  for the latest  Nifelheim album ( Envoy of Lucifer ) came out quite  good, so I will hopefully get involved  when the next one´s in making.  And hope it doesn´t take seven years between the albums this time…in which case. Irrespective of me taking the pics or not;)
Anyway, after some sightseeing, we found the venue and had some dinner at the Thairestaurant right next to Sticky. Unfortunatly we missed the Skiller gig. Haven´t seen them for awhile and nowadays they also “belong” to Mike (Sonic manager). Took a couple of pics on Walking with Strangers and just waited for the Sonic gig to start…
Rolands last but one gig in Sweden with the band and they did really good as always. Can´t really remember seeing a lousy Sonic Syndicate gig:)  It also was a bit sad knowing one of them will soon be gone.
Daniel picked us up afterwards and took us to  his place. 2 hrs of sleep and then out & away again to the hotel S.S. were staying. The plan was to get a ride with the band back to Stockholm, but it showed that there wasn´t any room for us and our stuff in the small bus after all, so we took the train instead. Quick stop at my house, then moved on to the Stagedive Day Out in Nykvarn.



Sonic Syndicate are in town…yesterday they were at Harry B. James, today they had a signingsession@Bengans in Stockholm and after that we went to Pizza Hut. Except Roger who took the train to Leksand. Next saturday (?) Sonic start touring with In Flames and will be on the road for 5 weeks.
Me and my new flash aren´t really friends yet…I´ll take on the manual any day now…
I really don´t like Harry B. for several reasons, but I will go back there soon enough. Some bands I like to see/hear will be there the 28:th. The good news are that Club Distortion are coming up with some really good stuff!!  So I´m going to be quite a lot at Tantogården & the Anchor. Hope I´ll soon come to terms with the flash. I´m going to need it at the Anchorgigs;)

Didn´t have so much time for  livephoto at the Swedish Metal Expo.
I managed to take some pics on Bullet, Loch Vostok  and Sonic Syndicate and that´s about it. It was a fulltime job taking care of the booth and yapping  with all the people I met…
There will be some pics from the guitarclinic held by Alexi & Roope from Children of Bodom. And maybe some other pix from the Expo;))


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