UNLEASHED – Incineration Fest, Camden, London 9/5 2015


One hell of a show!!! I think The Underworld is my favourite venue of the ones I visited this day. Crowded, sweaty and when I got my spot on the small balcony I stayed there and slowly melted away. But what an awesome atmosphere!!:D Kudos to Fredrik who played two sets  in a row at the same place.  At some times even I wished I´ve had a bucket of ice water to dive in to. Luckily Håkon was there handing over a bottle of water. Brilliant guy, Håkon. Looovely person!:))
UNLEASHED was the last band to finish on a very hectic and sometimes confusing festival day. Some fuckups but all together I had a great time! Sure as hell I go back:))
Awesome clips by profanometal  and Craig Land (more of his UNLEASHED videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFBcdrt2l_HA7TjosY9wCXg)
The pic above is from Nuclear Blast but it´s my photo from the promo shoot we did in January.


The first 18½ minutes of the show. I´m there! And Sterner and Atte:))

And some more….

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