30 åringarna!
“The warriors of UNLEASHED have been the ultimate embodiment of Death Metal and are seen as founding fathers of the Viking-Death-Metal movement as well. Without ever having compromised in the slightest they managed to unite the spirit of the viking tradition with the grandeur of purest Death Metal.”
Band: Johnny Hedlund(Bass, Vocals) Fredrik Folkare(Lead Guitar) Tomas Måsgard(Rhythm Guitar) Anders Schultz(Drums)

1990 – The Utter Dark
1990 – ….Revenge
1990 – Century Media Promo Tape

Studio albums
Where No Life Dwells (1991)
Shadows in the Deep (1992)
Across the Open Sea (1993)
Victory (1995)
Warrior (1997)
Hell’s Unleashed (2002)
Sworn Allegiance (2004)
Midvinterblot (2006)
Hammer Battalion (2008)
As Yggdrasil Trembles (2010)
Odalheim (2012)
Dawn of the Nine (2015)
The Hunt for White Christ (2018)


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UNLEASHED ska ge ut en ny platta och kom på att jag fortfarande inte hade den förra som jag plåtade för. Nu har dom bytt skivbolag till Napalm Records, men Nuclear Blast som gav ut Dawn of the Nine skickade vad dom hade så fick en tröja och ett par CD:n med posten:)

Det fattas en och annan platta fortfarande och tror inte att jag nånsin kommer att få tag på dom alla, men då får det vara så.

“Unleashed was formed in Stockholm, Sweden in November 1989, and sprang from the ashes of the pioneer Death Metal band Nihilist.
Unleashed, along with a few more bands founded what is today called the Swedish Death Metal scene. There has been very few lineup changes throughout the years and today the band consists of Johnny – Bass and Vocals Fredrik – Lead guitar Anders – Drums Tomas – Rhythm guitar.”
– Band bio unleashed.se



More UNLEASHED @ extremmetal.se

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One hell of a show!!! I think The Underworld is my favourite venue of the ones I visited this day. Crowded, sweaty and when I got my spot on the small balcony I stayed there and slowly melted away. But what an awesome atmosphere!!:D Kudos to Fredrik who played two sets  in a row at the same place.  At some times even I wished I´ve had a bucket of ice water to dive in to. Luckily Håkon was there handing over a bottle of water. Brilliant guy, Håkon. Looovely person!:))
UNLEASHED was the last band to finish on a very hectic and sometimes confusing festival day. Some fuckups but all together I had a great time! Sure as hell I go back:))
Awesome clips by profanometal  and Craig Land (more of his UNLEASHED videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFBcdrt2l_HA7TjosY9wCXg)
The pic above is from Nuclear Blast but it´s my photo from the promo shoot we did in January.


>>MORE (live clips etc)