SVARTKONST – May the Night Fall

Got the first photographers copy for this year delivered to me yesterday! As a special bonus I also got a t shirt & a sticker ❤

SVARTKONST (Swe) latest (3rd) album “May the Night Fall”. (Trust No One Recordings & Merchandise)
Rickard Törnqvist (also Switchblade) w. quality guest/session folks for some bits & pieces.
Very Black Death, awesome vocals and a love for HM-2.
Not the best pics, It´s a beauty and once again a great album.
Live photo shot at Black Mass GBG- April 2022

I really need to get better in posting all the awesome stuff I get every now and then:/ Also need to take better pictures of the ones I´ve got earlier through the years.
Some I´ve posted but far from all of them. Mostly because the pics I took sucked and didn´t make any justice for the artwork, so I thought I will take better ones. But then because of reasons it never happened.
So much cool stuff, tho! I will make it a project to shoot every single one of them:))

Photo: Black Mass GBG- April 2022 // Soile S.,

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