SVARTKONST – Black Mass Gbg 9/4 2022

“Chainsaw Blackened Death Metal one-man band from Härnösand, Sweden”
Never listened or seen SVARTKONST before. Ofc I had seen the name fly by every now and then, so I was kinda curious.  Loved it!!  One man project, everything on the albums is work by Rickard Törnqvist (with some guest musicians here and there on the second album) and it´s just really awesome.  Great live musicians on stage also. Had a hard time with all the drummer pics  both days so didn´t get anything even remotely ok:/  Got the albums on repeat ever since I got home from the festival so next time (right now it seems to be  in the end of September with Panopticon & Grift at Slaktkyrkan) and hopefully with Craft in November) I should be a bit more familiar with the songs xD
[Live clip by DbB]

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